don't have to

do it 




The one thing I love more than photography is teaching others about photography! 
Why? Because I'm rooting for you, i'm your biggest fan through this whole process. I would have wanted someone to do the same for me as well and I believe you should treat others as you would do yourself!
I have always had a burning passion for helping and serving others, I love the idea of helping new entrepreneurs grow in there business and photography skills! There's nothing more discouraging than having to walk this business life alone, I know, because I did. so YOU don't have to because I want to be there for you through it all! 

You don't have to do it alone!

I'm qualified because:

I've been photographing every since I could hold a camera!
 I have an Associates degree in Studio and Portrait photography, I have a certificate in business and I have attended several classes and workshops who have taught me so well. So you could say I have a lot of knowledge under my belt, but sides that I would be beyond excited to teach you and honored to be apart of this new process! 

So, are you ready to invest in yourself and start growing your business?

 Let's do this!

What you can learn from me:

I know everything from mastering photography skills to finding your brand in your photography business! I know how to maneuver stress and anxiety in the midst of a wedding day and the business process of it all; because I struggle with it 24/7 and I am now STILL running a successful business. Even as an introvert, I can still produce AMAZING connections with clients, vendors and other photographers. Want to learn how?
 Let's get started! 

Mentor Sessions 

A little something for everyone, including: learning your camera, how to start your biz, finding your dream clients and learning how to tackle social media!


1-on-1 Session


This package is perfect for someone out of state or someone just wanting to ask  any and all questions about the photography business life and how to master it.  

This includes: 

- 1-2 hours on zoom
- Coaching on starting your business 
- Pricing
- Workflow
- Finding your ideal client 
- Gear & equipment 

-Up to 3 hours in person 
- Coaching on starting your business 
- 5 top topics 
- Branding coaching 
- Headshots by ME to use for your business 

-Pre meeting questionnaire 
- 1-2 hours of coaching and coffee
- Headshots by ME to use for your business 
- 1 hour engagement shoot; you will photograph along side me learning and hanging out with a real couple!
- Post processing and editing 
- Dinner on ME

This package is for the person who wants a little bit more than the Mentorship! You want to learn more about business and how to get more involved in the wedding industry of photography, What steps to take and how to brand yourself!

This is perfect for the photographer who wants not only to invest in her brand new business but wants to invest in her photography skill, get creative and have photos the fit their brand! 
Let's get your business up to a whole new level!!

this is amazing! 

Let's get to learning!  

This includes: 


The whole shebang

This includes: 


What's coming soon:


Yes! You read that right!
I have been planning this workshop for 6 months! And I cannot wait to release it! Serving and teaching others about photography is a complete JOY! This workshop will be for the beginners of; photography skills, business and editing! 
It's going to be educational, exciting and a way to create community! 

Next Summer!

styled shoot

You better believe it!
Styled Shoots are my absolute FAVORITE!
I get so many people each week asking me how I created a portfolio so quickly and how they can create images that represent their brand. Well look no further, this styled shoot will be everything you've dreamed about in wedding photos, from details to beautiful bridal portraits! Get ready to have the best time of your LIFE learning from ME and working with other high end vendors!

Coming this Fall!


I have always had a HUGE heart for teaching and serving others! I love the ideas of helping new entrepreneurs grow in their photography business. Why? because I am your biggest fan and want you to succeed! 

to get to teach you everything I know!
From photography skills, to learning your brand, to making sense of stress and anxiety in the business world and making strong connections while being an introvert! 

I am so so stoked 

Let's do this! 

Photography Mentorship



Thank you!
I'm so stoked to chat with you!

I look forward to responding to your message within 24-48 hours!
Thank you for your patience!

Let's make the most of your business!