Timeless Evening Engagement

Timeless Evening Engagement 

This Timeless Evening Engagement is definitely one to remember! The one thing about Tennessee I will never understand is the weather. Paige and Tommy’s engagement session began with a thunderstorm that we thought would turn into several hours of rain. To our surprise the storm stopped within 15 minutes. The plan from there was to capture a few pictures with their pup until it rained again and reschedule for the following day. But to our surprise once again, the clouds parted and a beautiful rainbow appeared 5 minutes later. 

I could not believe how gorgeous their evening session turned out to be!

We traveled to the city area of downtown and were able to capture all of the joy and happiness these two share with each other!

Paige and Tommy are the most classy couple and extremely patient! Their flexibility with the weather and the downtown traffic was wonderful. We laughed a lot about how comical the evening was but that did not stop us from capturing the most breathtaking moments between them.

To end the night we popped a bottle of champagne to toast to their engagement! 

I love how my couple incorporates something special in their photo session with me. It really makes their personalities come to life, and it truly shows! 

Lastly we took some individual portraits of how glamorous they are and ended their session with a golden sunset.

You would never know that we had a rocky start to their session by looking at these images. These are by far some of my favorite downtown images I have ever taken. It is amazing what you can capture in such a short amount of time. And also how quickly things can change in a matter of minutes.

You will see that their love for each other is genuine and sweet. Their smiles are my favorite and I love how much kindness they show one another. 

It is an honor to be able to photograph this beautiful couple and I am so excited for their wedding celebration next May!

Bride and Groom with pup
Volunteer landing
puppy love
The mom pose
Smiles by the river
Rainbow and Hugs
Snuggles by the river
Hand hold B&W
Rainbow, Bridge
Leaning on her Groom
Holding hands
Dip Pose
sweet moments
black and white on gay street
Downtown Joy
Mom pose
Cuddles on the stairs
Cross walk
walking and kiss
At the table Black and White
Inside the Bar
Champagne pour
Champagne Pop
black and white
cheers and hugs
timeless cheers
Individual engagement portraits
Holding hands
Teeth kiss and dip
Timeless B&W

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