Classy Winter Engagement Downtown

If you need inspiration or ideas for an engagement session, this Classy Winter Engagement Downtown might be the way to go!
You cannot go wrong with the downtown views of the city, the hustle and bustle and all the beautiful architecture.

This engagement session was so special to me because I had the opportunity of knowing Rachel and Cam  since my college years. They are the most fun couple. They are relaxed and so kind. Their personalities go so well together and I adore that they are both red heads; how fun is that!

While planning for their engagement session, I told them that downtown in the winter looks a little different than normal. Winter time means Christmas time and all of the lights and decorations were still up and looking so beautiful. So I suggested that a classy outfit was the way to go! They agreed and came up with the perfect coordinating outfit. I am so glad they chose a blue theme, blue is always my color of choice and it fit them so well also. 

We walked through the city streets of Knoxville capturing all the laughs and timeless moments. It was perfect. I wasn’t sure if the weather would hold off or not but it ended up being a gorgeous evening. We even stepped into the Hyatt Place Hotel for some shots. Their furniture was adorable.

The Knoxville City Bridge ended up being our favorite spot for photos.

I told Rachel and Cam that these would be some epic, fun and carefree shots, and they were totally up for it.  Wait until you see the images, they are stunning! 

Our last stop was the top of the parking garage so we headed that way. While we were walking Rachel decided to take off her heels to walk more easily and believe it or not that turned out to be my favorite images!

Ending the night on top of the garage was so magical.

Something super sweet about their relationship is when Cam gives Rachel forehead kisses. You will see lots of those throughout their session. We had the most perfect ending with a beautiful golden sunset and memories to last a lifetime.

I have high hopes that you will enjoy their session as much as I do. And if you are planning your engagement session soon this might be an idea I would highly consider!

Rachel and Cam smiling Downtown for their engagement photos
Holding hands and forehead kisses Downtown session
rachel and cam on green couch dowtown
Downtown engagement laughing and walking
black and white image walking downtown
Classy downtown session beetles picture walking
classy engagement Rachel and cam on the bridge together smiling
Wintery Engagement Session downtown black and white and Tennessee Theater downtown
Winter Engagement Session Picking rachel up on the bridge
classy downtown engagement session black and white picture of rachel and cam on the green couch
Downtown Classy Engagement session green couch and dip on the bridge
Engagement Session downtown walking on the bridge and black and white image
Winter engagement downtown walking barefoot and rachel portrait
Classy downtown engagement session walking together on the bridge
Downtown engagement session Cam portrait and sunset on the garage
Classy Downtown Winter Engagement barefoot walking together downtown
Winter Engagement Session Kisses on the garage
Classy black and white kisses on the bridge
Hand kisses on the garage downtown
Classy black and white bridge photos
downtown forehead kisses on the garage
rachel kissing cam on the stairs
winter engagement session rachel and cameron on the green couch smiling

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Classy Winter Engagement Downtown


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