Top 6 Wedding Venues in Knoxville

Favorite Wedding Venues in Knoxville Tennessee

If you are engaged to be married and having trouble finding the perfect venue for your special day, I would love to help by sharing with you my top 6 wedding venues in Knoxville!

I have had the privilege of working with some amazing vendors in Tennessee for the past 4 years

Many offer quality service and have unique styles for any kind of wedding day. I would love to help my future brides and grooms find the perfect venue that is best fit for them!

With my professional photography eye and business side of things I am certain you will love at least one of these local places.

1. Maple Grove Estate

Top 1 Venue Maple Grove
Top 1 Portraits in Maple Grove

If you love the historic feels and garden vibes you will love Maple Grove Estate. I have shot here on many occasions and one of my favorites are bridal sessions and weddings. It is has a classy getting ready area for the bride and the groom. Their natural light is unmatched and their staff is so friendly. It is also located 2 minutes from my home so you will find me here a lot!

Bride and Groom, you will love this hidden gem all year round. It is always picture perfect even on the cloudy days. I continue to capture images here that I adore.

2. MarbleGate Farm

Top 3 wedding venue with party
Top 3 getting ready at Marblegate
Top 2 Venue at Marblegate

Are you looking for farm land and maybe some water views? MarbleGate might be the perfect choice for you! This venue is located in Friendsville, Tennessee on several acres of land. There is a Farmhouse, Boathouse, Reception Hall and a Barn with a hidden space to take photos inside. Not to mention their staff is amazing. They take such great care of their bride and grooms, family, guests and vendors! They have golf carts ready at anytime, for you to be transported to the next area of the property. Something I love most about this venue is the diversity. There is so much character to this property, it is insane. From the reception hall to the getting ready areas you will be blown away. Also if you want a good golden hour just you wait, it will leave you speechless. 

3. Press Room

Top 3 venue Press Room Reception
Top 3 Wedding Venue Getting ready
Top 3 Venue at the Press Room B&W

The Press Room was a venue I have always dreamed of photographing at. Believe it or not I have had the opportunity to photograph at this venue 5x this year. Every single time is a total blast. This venue brings out the industrial and urban vibes. If you are looking for a venue downtown, but would prefer not to be in the midst of the traffic, this venue might be the perfect fit. They have an awesome staff with a wonderful wedding planner who knows how to do it all, and do it well. If you are looking for someone to run your day and have everything under control you will love them! I am always in love with the getting ready pictures I capture for the bride and the reception space is out of this world, especially at night time. You cannot go wrong with this classy choice.

4. The Standard 

Top 4 Venue Outdoor Bridal Party at the Standard
Top 4 Venue Ceremony and getting ready
Top 4 Venue Standard

This venue is located in the heart of Old City, it has the vibes of a rustic, urban wedding day and classy downtown vibes as well. The Standard has always been one of my favorite venues, there is so much character to it. It also has so many unique places to take pictures. Even on a rainy day we can still create the most magical images for your special day; the inside is spectacular. 

You can use this venue just for a Getting ready and Reception space or you can have your entire wedding day there, either way, you cannot go wrong. If you prefer outdoor pictures, there are plenty of urban spots to venture off too. And if you love the beauty of night time pictures, The Standard has a beautiful rooftop with string lights that come out at night. Plus get ready for the most magical sparkler send off of your life!

5. Dara’s Garden

Top 5 Venue Dara Garden Portraits
Top 5 Venue Dara's Garden Ceremony
Top 5 Venue Daras Garden

This venue is a hidden gem in South Knoxville. You wouldn’t believe something so beautiful could be discovered there. This venue is one of my favorites because of how peaceful it is. It has a modern feel with elegant charm and everywhere you turn is a new flower. The gardens are breathtaking. Starting with the most elegant getting ready space for the bride and a classy space for the groom; you will love it. You cannot go wrong with the natural light that flows in as well.

The ceremony can take place wherever you would like on the grounds. They have 3 popular places for the ceremony but I have seem some brides really get creative. Finally, the Reception site is covered by a beautiful white and clear tint with a chandelier hanging in the middle. It is perfectly romantic in every way. You can truly make your wedding your very own with this venue, and that is what I love the most. 

6. Hunter Valley

If you long for a beach vibe but love East Tennessee, Hunter Valley Pavilion is a gorgeous venue in West Knoxville. They have a lake view with a beach, a beautiful pavilion for the getting ready area and the cocktail and reception. Their Ceremony site is just a walk away down the dock with seating for your guests that looks towards the water. It is so peaceful and secluded. 

The venue has tons of shade for hot summer weddings and even an indoor ceremony option for rainy and cold days. The staff is always so cheerful and ready to help anytime you need them. Something I love most about this venue is the sunrise and sunset views with the sun hitting the water so perfectly. It is a magical place.

These are the top 6 wedding venues in knoxville I have to share. I am hopeful you found one of these venues intriguing! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out on my inquiry page: I hope I can help you further with creating your dream wedding!

I am a Knoxville Wedding photographer capturing authentic memories world wide! Click here to contact me with any questions you have about pricing or booking! If you liked what you saw above, follow along with me on Instagram to see my daily updates of my latest sessions!

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